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December 23, 2012
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The Four Horsemen - Conquest by theDURRRRIAN The Four Horsemen - Conquest by theDURRRRIAN
"i came, i saw, i conquered"

the first of the 4 horsemen. yes, i know he's supposed to have a bow but yeah, i wanted to change that :P


DEATH: [link]?

WAR: [link]

FAMINE: [link]

WALLPAPER: [link]?

anyway, hope you like it :D
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on the note of where you said that he has a bow, while yes this is true i was wondering if it could be that the axes handle was a bow as the quiver was empty anyways, wouldnt be beyond reason to say that it could be made of metal like a crossbow and that the power to pull it was astounding

would one up Legolus to have him hacking someone in half with the bow anyways XD
Conquest is not pestilence at all, nor is it the same as War (in fact, "Conquest" is actually not Conquest at all, it's simply the rider of the white horse - the only specifically named horseman at Revelation 6 was Death, the rider of the pale horse).

For one thing, Conquest is one of FOUR horsemen, not three, happening after the opening of the first seal. War is the second, after the second seal. They are revealed at two chronologically separate moments. Two, their horses are different. Conquest is a white horse, symbolic in the Bible as the color representing purity, righteousness, cleanness, divinity and perfection. In addition, Conquest is stated to have a crown, symbolizing kingship or rulership, and a bow, whereas War was simply given a great sword to bring about great slaughter.

War was said to be upon a fire-colored horse, fire itself often symbolizing destruction on a total - and sometimes violent - scale, and was to take peace away from the world in a slaughter. In contrast, a few chapters later in Revelation 11, Conquest is mentioned again, as one warring in righteousness - the only one of the horsemen to be stated as having a divine backing. And then this white horseman is identified as the "Word of God", which as John 1:1 identifies as a singular title of Jesus Christ. So not only is the white horseman is actually good, but given Revelation speaks of the destruction of death, evil, war, sickness, etc., Conquest would actually be in conflict with the following horsemen, War, Famine, and Death.

And as half a dozen peeps mentioned, yeah, he has a bow and crown, not an axe. But still! Awesome picture!! Seeing the arrows on the ground, maybe his quiver ran out :P
SubWolfSphere Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like Dante's Cerberus Devil Trigger in DMC 3 :thumbsup:
De7h1nK13 Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought the four horsemen are war, famine, pestilince, and death? I don't remember a "conquest":( regardless the art is amazing. I'm just curious of your source of knowledge.
where does the horseman of conquest come from?I'm fairly certain the fourth horseman is supposed to be pestilence. I always thought conquest would just be something war does,even if it bothers me every time I see these horsemen of conquest this pic is totally awesome and just what a horseman of conquest would look like in my opinion.
the ORIGINAL four horsemen lineup had conquest instead of pestilence. pestilence was added later as a replacement
Ya I looked it up and realized that but I feel conquest is to much like war and I always saw the Renaissance horsemen (That's where pestilence as a horseman comes from not modern pop culture but the Renaissance era) makes more sense as each horseman leads into the next.Death kills a lot of people,the people war over resources,famine makes the resources scarce and the pestilence comes from a lack of resources and kills the last of us. However seeing famine and pestilence as one works in that case and I guess conquest is meant to resemble the point of surrender where humanity seals itself to extinction and dies out.
preybirdart Dec 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Every time I look at this picture I see Lord Recluse from City of Heroes. The helm and the spines I think do it.
Gillbait Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Isn't that exert a Caesar quote?
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